Forced Entry Resistant Door - FE5

The Forced Entry Resistant Door Model FE5 is manufactured by RB-DOORS according to the highest production standards and in compliance with special regulations. Suitable for all building types – residential, commercial, institutional and for special purposes.

Technical specification:
  • General Description: The door leaf is constructed of two galvanized steel sheets (thickness 1.25mm) together with 0.8 hardened steel plate attached to the sheet. Reinforced by horizontal and vertical steel bars, five hook type locking mechanisms and four fixed rear security bolts, four concealed hinges, four way mortise lock. Door leaf thickness: 50mm The door leaf is pre-hung to the frame Door leaf weight ~ 80 kg, outward opening door
  • Hardware & Accessories: RB High security cylinder * Hardened drill resistant cylinder protector with a rotating disc * Security cover plates on both sides of the locking case * Four way mortise lock as standard and Electronic monitoring function (lock \ un-lock) – optional * Motorized cylinder with mechanic back-up - optional
  • Frame: Construction or Cover.
  • Door Finishes: PVC, powder coating finish, 4 mm decorative panels
  • Dimensions: Door Height : 1,960 – 2,370 mm Door width : 700-1,100 mm Double door is available in custom made orders
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