Blast & Forced Entry Door - FE60

The Blast, Ballistic & Forced Entry Resistant Steel Door model FE60 is manufactured by RB-DOORS according to the highest production standards and in compliance with special regulations of the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

The FE60 is a Ballistic Resistant Steel Door, a security door providing the highest protection against burglaries as well as against military rifle and submachine attacks.


Technical specification:
  • General Description: The door leaf is constructed of two galvanized steel sheets (door leaf weight aprox. 280 kg) with a ballistic resistant plate installed between them, reinforced with transversal steel bars set across the leaf between the casings. A fourteen-point locking system and four specially designed high resistant hinges provide maximum protection against forced entry and high blast levels. The frame includes an inter-locking mechanism running on sliding bearings, locking the frame into the door in 6 locking points.
  • Hardware and Accessories: • The multi-point mortise lock secures the door to the frame in 8 locking points, including four special hook locking mechanisms. • High Security RB cylinder with improved cylinder protector, preventing drilling as well as forcing of the lock or the cylinder. • Additional accessories available: hydraulic closer, electric strike, S&G combination lock. • Multi-point locking mortise lock with Electronic monitoring function (lock \ un-lock) – optional
  • Ballistic and Blast Resistance: Certified by H.P. White Labs in accordance with the standards and procedures of SD – STD – 01.01 revisions G (amended) Ballistic protection level: military rifle. The ballistic plate also meets the requirements of the UL 752 standard, protection level 4. Blast Resistance - The door was tested with a blast of 150psi and an impulse of 200psi/msec.
  • Forced Entry Resistance : The door is certified by H.P. White Labs in accordance with the standards and procedures of SD – STD – 01.01 revisions G (amended) Forced entry protection level: 60 minutes
  • The Door Frame: The FE60 special frame may be concrete casted or welded to a steel forced entry resistant wall structure. The frame is made from 3mm thick hot dip galvanized steel sheets reinforced with interior anti-ballistic plates & weighs approx. 100kg. The frame is assembled together with the door in the RB-Doors factory.
  • Door Finish: Electrostatic powder coating, different colors, PVC coating or 3mm thickness wooden decorative panels.
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