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RB-DOORS (Rav-Bariach (08) Industries Ltd) operates under the direction of
Mr. Sam Donnerstein, an experienced 35 year veteran in various fields of industry with 15 years specializing in the door industry and current owner and CEO.

The company was founded in Israel in 1973 and with the developments of the
RB-DOORS unique multi-bolt locking system, the strength and durability of the steel entry door and the ever-evolving designs, the world of security entrance doors in Israel was transformed. RB-DOORS’ local name, Rav-Bariach, quickly became synonymous with security doors with added value of creativity and elegance.

Since inception, RB-DOORS set forth to lead the door industry, establishing
new standards for security, quality, visionary thinking and cutting edge technology. The constant pursuit of innovation has led to registration of a multitude of security patents and trademarks, both in Israel and internationally and an impressive sales record of over 4 million doors in Israel and abroad. Our commitment to innovation is also applied to technology; state of the art production lines enabling maximum precision with required dimensions, utilization of materials which increase the quality of the product and the security of the door, development of advanced lock mechanisms and more. Innovation is also reflected in continuous design development and the creative and meticulous design of the steel doors. RB-DOORS launches a new collection of exclusive models every year.

Across 5 different continents, RB-DOORS manufactures doors for over thirty partners worldwide. We are dedicated to long-term business relationships and provide our international customers with flexibility and the necessary resources for the development of customized models according to local needs, demands and standards. It comes as no surprise that RB-DOORS is the largest supplier worldwide of Forced Entry doors for embassies, security institutions, banks and more.

For half a century, RB-DOORS has specialized in the development and manufacturing of superior High Security products for the protection of property and life, making RB-DOORS an international leader in the manufacturing and marketing of steel security doors and locks for every need, worldwide.

Research, Development and Standards

RB-DOORS Research and Development department is one of the company’s most important departments, serving as a source of inspiration and a role model. The department identifies future technological innovations in advance and transforms these into products. Moreover, the department succeeds in identifying our customers’ requirements ahead of time and generating creative solutions in return.

Over the years since the establishment of RB-DOORS R&D Department, a large number of new products have been developed in different divisions including entry doors, interior doors, High Defence doors, Forced Entry security doors and advanced locking solutions. The developments set new standards and serve as leading models for other companies in the industry worldwide.

The Research and Development department examines the nature of the products and their suitability for production on the RB-DOORS factory production lines. Before any product manufactured in RB-DOORS factories is introduced into the market, the R&D department conducts rigorous tests and inspections to ensure that all new products are the finest, the most technologically advanced and of the highest quality.

RB-DOORS develops and manufactures highest quality security solution products which comply to the strict demands of Israeli Security Standards and international standards.

Management Team

שמואל דונרשטיין נשיא רב-בריח
Sam Donnerstein

Executive Chairman


Head of Business Development, International Division

Amit Ben-Ami

Marketing and Operation Manager International Division

RB-Group – Revolution, Evolution and Growth

RB-Group – Revolution, Evolution and Growth

The Pladelet™, the First Multi-Bolt Steel Security Door

Back in 1972, a woman living in Tel Aviv asked her neighborhood locksmith to install 4 more locks on her door following a burglary in her home. The locksmith, Avraham Bahari, intuitively knew that separate locks running up and down the length of the door was not the solution to gain a true sense of security.
Together with his friend and colleague Moshe Dolev, they invented a multi-bolt lock. Their multi-bolt lock was first installed in a wooden door.

In 1977, the multi-bolt lock was adapted and installed in a steel-core door, and with this, the original Pladelet™ became the pioneer of a new and revolutionary market of residential steel security doors, & a new era in the world of lock and security solutions began.

Revolution to Evolution

The firm belief in the product, steel security doors, led to continual development and improvement both in technology and design of the doors. A well-executed advertising campaign quickly turned the RB Multi-Bolt Steel Door (locally called the Rav-Bariach Pladelet) into a popular brand in Israel and abroad. 

RB’s impressive success did not go unnoticed by leading international corporations and in year 2000, RB’s Lock Division was acquired for 65M $ by Swedish conglomerate, Assa Abloy.

New Ownership and Rebranding for the Company

Shmuel Donnerstein , entrepreneur, industrialist and recognized businessman, and winner of the 2014 Industry Award in Israel,  brought new life to the company with the help of a professional and focused management team.

The company quickly and clearly redefined their core values and company vision, invested considerable resources in research and development, introduced new product lines and rebranded.

The results were not long in coming: The RB- Group became a domestic leader in the security and locking products market and the largest security door manufacturer in the world with a production capacity of 250,000 doors a year!

Development and Growth

In 2011, RB’s new Lock Product Division was established, and the Company reinstated local R&D and Production departments. One of the Division’s most recognized original products is the LOCXIS™ cylinder, the most resistant lock cylinder against drilling and burglary, with its distinctive blue key head. The LOCXIS™ cylinder, a source of pride for Israel in countries around the world, is an integral part of RB’s Entrance Doors.

The company has developed hundreds of lock products since then and owns dozens of registered patents. In 2021, under the leadership of Omer Yatir, the RB-Lock Division became a subsidiary of the brand.

RB-DOORS- Inside and Out

The RB-Group entered the interior door market in 2014, acquiring the Carmiel Wood Factory Interior Door Plant and the Open Gallery store chain. Following a large investment in production lines and technology, the Company launched the TOP Series waterproof interior door line, delivering a perfect combination of top-quality and uncompromising design. Over the years, the series has evolved, adding further designs, styles and additional developments to the line.

2015-2017 Growth and Expansion

Continuing to grow and develop, the RB-Group enters the field of Reinforced Security Room products with ABC filters for private and institutional markets, launching the “LAVI” filter– the smallest filter in Israel.

RB acquired a production plant for Roller Shutters and Dock Levelers, becoming a leading player in protection solutions, also opening a steel galvanization and cutting plant.

2018-2020 Professional Services

The Company takes pride in establishing the largest service division in Israel in their field, fitted out with advanced technology for monitoring their network of dimensions, installations and exceptional human capital. The opening of the service division is a milestone in the Company’s vision, and the goal set by Company Management to provide nationwide, comprehensive service covering a range of construction products to contractors, land developers and architects.

In 2020, the Company also completed the acquisition of the Nurielly Factory, a factory specializing in the production of professional equipment for the construction industry and more. The addition of the veteran company Nurielly to the RB family of factories, offers maximized service and convenience for contractors and developers in purchasing a complete line of products for the construction industry.

The RB-Group is a growing company that serves as a one stop shop for the construction industry, using advanced technology to enable customized production for each customer individually

The RB-Group Goes Public!

An exciting day for company! The RB-Group successfully completes a public offering of shares (IPO), raising NIS 125 M.

Shmuel Donnerstein, Chairman of RB, comments: “I would like to extend appreciation on my behalf and on behalf of all RB employees for this significant expression of confidence in the company and in its growth strategy. An expression of confidence in the RB-Group is an expression of confidence in Israel’s outstanding industry and enables further development for existing and future production plants, the establishment of new growth engines and local and global expansion. The RB Group is backed by an experienced Senior Management owning many years of experience in the industry, and committed to continued success and to bringing value to investors”

RB-DOORS Company Vision

To develop, design and produce an exceptional sense of security for more and more people. Security in the product, security in innovativeness, security in design, security in the company, the security of knowing RB-DOORS products are the best in home and industrial protection.


Security is the core of our activity, the primary value and benefit which we are committed to providing. Security so our customers can enjoy peace of mind in their homes and in the office, protected and safe.


Professionalism is our commitment to the most advanced and highest quality product while ensuring reliability and equity.


We operate out of authority in order to lead the market into a new and advanced era in security doors. Experience and knowledge in the field of security, protection and defence, is key to our leading security solutions for industries and institutions.

Continuous Innovation

Our commitment to continuous innovation is the dynamic value that drives us forward. Innovation in products, materials, technology and designs, along with innovation in service and response to changing needs.


Design is the revolution we are inducing in the entire industry on a continuous basis. Advanced technology in design brings style to all our doors, from residential and up to armoured doors. We are committed to generating, developing and leading a progressive and intelligent dialogue in design, setting the standards and the trends and always being one step ahead.


Our commitment to community and the environment is of highest value to us. RB-DOORS is an industrial Israeli company who is recognized as a "green" and environmentally friendly business. The company, management and employees support and contribute to the environment and the community.


Our commitment to accommodating flexibility and our promise for the best and the most attentive, precise and relevant service.

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