RB-Group proudly presents the Model 501 Fire-Resistant Roller Shutter with laboratory approved UL 3-hour fire safe rating

Technical specification:

The shutter is constructed from interlocked, baked painted galvanized steel laths which form a sealed curtain. The shutter winds back on a horizontal steel shaft tensioned by torsion springs.

The shutter is electrically operated and includes a reserve chain for manual operation. Edge fasteners made from cast steel are attached to the edges of the laths and fitted into the curtain guides. Bottom edge of curtain- double steel angle for increased resistance at the bottom of the curtain. Upper Hinge Fasteners- made from thick-walled steel fitted with bearings- matching the size of the door. Guides for the curtain made from 3- thick-walled steel angles forming a rail set apart from the wall. At the top edge- a stopper for stopping the door at the bordering point of the light opening. Above the drum- cylindrical steel protective cover made from 0.6 mm galvanized steel.

Method of Operation- The fire-resistant shutter automatically shuts in the event of fire.

The torsion springs are under tension and are connected to a chain anchored to the wall, with one of the links being a multi-use electronic fuse that melts at a temperature of 70’C. The detachment releases part of the spring’s action and the curtain drops in a controlled manner, closing the opening. Operation- Electrically operated via a three-phase motor with suitable power supply corresponding to the size of the shutter, with a reserve chain for manual operation included. Automatic stopper to prevent opening of the door from the outside (this unit serves as a lock in place of the existing lock). Control box for electrical operation by switches located on the wall, with operation buttons: up, down and stop. Installation- The shutter is to be installed by a professional installer certified by the RB-Group and to be anchored to the frame of the opening according to RB-Group instructions.
Available options-
  • Connection to the “Fireguard” Fire and Smoke Detection System
  • Flashing light/buzzing alarm
  • External operation box with key
  • Advanced control box, for control of the door’s operations and receipt of external commands
  • Fail Safe option
  • Color options for laths: standard- gray , white RAL 9006
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UL-10B Certificate - Fire Roller Shutter
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