Lavi+ System

Compact size with a unique design   The Lavi+ system was developed by the RB-GROUP in conformity with the requirements of the IDF Home Front Command and the Standards Institution of Israel (SII). The system is engineered to provide maximum convenience of operation during times of emergency and a meticulous and unique design for smooth integration of the system in residential reinforced security rooms, giving the protected area the same look and feel as the other rooms in the home. The system is installed in residential reinforced security rooms, in accordance with Israeli law, in every residential apartment in Israel. The certified Lavi+ System carries the Israeli Standard Mark (IS 4570) and IDF Home Front Command certificate according to Regulation 6869. Imaging for illustrative purposes only.   Choose RB’s Lavi+ System
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Lavi+ System
SII 4570 - Ventilation & Filtration Syste
Lavi+ System

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