Dual-Purpose Reinforced Security Room Window

The New Generation of Security for Protected Areas   Presenting RB’s Dual-Purpose Reinforced Security Room Window, complying to IDF Home Front Command’s standards for new builds, providing blast and shrapnel protection, and protective sealing against gaseous substances.   The New Standard in Security Room Windows- To be on the safe side The new standard stipulated by IDF Home Front Command provides a solution for the flaws found in the previous generation of security room windows. Previous windows included an external metal window plate for protection against shrapnel, and a sealed aluminum framed inner window. With these security room windows; the metal windows did not provide protection against gaseous substances as they were not sealed. In addition to this, in the moment of truth, there was a lurking danger that the inner window could be blasted inwards and injure the occupants of the security room.   The Advantages of the New Generation Security Room Windows The new standard, which came into force in January 2017, requires the installation of the new generation of security room windows in every new build. RB’s Dual-Purpose Security Room Windows fulfill this standard, offering residents a safer and more convenient solution, both in times of emergencies and in everyday life. Dual-Purpose Reinforced Security Room Window- Technical Specs
  • 2 mm thick galvanized steel window frame
  • Single or double leafed structure
  • Single or double leafed steel window leaves – 20mm for residential reinforced security room window and 24mm for institutional reinforced security room window
  • Window leaves slide into concealed wall pockets
  • Sealing against gaseous substances is achieved between the steel plates and the window fram
  • Reinforcement edging on pockets to prevent collapse during casting, Styrofoam sealing to prevent penetration of concrete into the pocket
  • Installation-ready for inner frame for thermal plaster or gypsum board
  • Option to order outer frame matching front plane
  • On outer side- installation ready for sliding shutters that slide into concealed wall pockets
  • The steel plate moves on reinforced steel bearings situated on the bottom of the plate
  • Internal aluminum framed window is “leaf on leaf” sliding window structure, leaves passing each other horizontally (Klil 1700)
  Single-leaf Window Double-leaf Window   Solutions for Protected Areas- Be sure it’s RB! The RB Group specializes in providing solutions for production, marketing, and installation of equipment for reinforced protected areas. Our Company has extensive experience in the field and proven professional capabilities that allow us to provide you the contractors, the construction companies, the architects, private builders and the professional consultants with a superior and professional response with protection standards of the highest level, plus, a broad range of support services and innovative solutions based on advanced technology.   For more information and quotes, please contact us at: [email protected]   RB-Group products are approved by the IDF Home Front Command and carry SII certification.   Imaging for illustrative purposes only
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