30 mins Fire Rated Doors - FW30 Model

Single or Double-leaf Fire Door model FW30 is a 30 min fire rated door, meeting with Israeli and International fire regulations, providing outstanding protection for various types of commercial and residential buildings, industries and institutions.

Technical specification:
  • General Description: Door leaf with two 0.8mm thick galvanized steel casings and interior reinforcements, intumescing gasket between door and frame. Fire rated hardware& telescopic bottom insert for final height adjustment.
  • Hardware & Accessories : Anti -Panic Lock Moveable lever door handles / Fixed handle Panic bar or Push bar – optional Hydraulic closer - optional Door closing coordinator for double door.
  • Window Dimensions (optional): 600x400 mm 820x170 mm Round 440mm diameter
  • Door Finish: PVC finish or powder coating.
  • Dimensions: Maximum door leaf height (without bottom insert) – 2200 mm Maximum door frame height – 2400 mm Maximum moveable door width – 1140 mm Maximum fixed door width – 1140 mm Maximum double-leaf door frame width – 2360 mm
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SII 1212 - Fire Door Certificate
FW30 Fire Door

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