SMART DOOR- welcome to a new world

A smart mechanism concealed within the body of the door that turns every door in RB’s Entrance Door Collection into a SMART DOOR.
Exclusive to RB-Doors, patent-protected Smart Doors developed and manufactured in Israel, offering a variety of control options for the entrance door. With the SMART mechanism concealed within the door during production, the style and design of the door remain flawless and picture-perfect.  

  • Built-in Smart Lock Embedded within the Door
    The SMART system is a concealed system embedded within the door, and beyond the minimalistic and elegant interior operating unit, there is no disruption to the design.
  • A Reliable, Convenient and Accessible System
    The system has been tested for more than 100,000 open-and-close cycles and found to be highly reliable. Care for the “brain” of the system is easy and simple.
  • A Variety of Control Options
    Opening of the lock through a designated app, fingerprint, keypad, smart-home connection, and, coming soon, face recognition.
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