The most advanced and most sold decorative steel door in the world. Incorporating the latest technologies, security systems and design for residential entrances.

Technical specification

  • Door Structure: 1.25 mm thick galvanized steel panels combined with vertical and horizontal steel reinforcements built into the body of the door, engineered for maximum strength.
  • Lock System: Multi bolt lock system comprising of seven bolts, directed in four ways.
  • Door Finish & Design: African Walnut finish. Note : The door should be protected from direct sunlight and contact with water.
  • Type of Door Frame: Steel Construction frame (for casting into the wall) or PVC coated Cover frame, for installation on existing jamb.
  • Dimensions: The entry door is produced according to customers' required sizes.
  • Locking Mechanism: The door can be upgraded with advanced locking mechanisms operated by the multi-point lock
  • Hardware: Hardened cylinder guards and a broad choice of handles to select from.
  • Also available with the unique high security Gladiator® system
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The Gladiator® System
SII 5044 - Security Entrance Doors Certificate
Resistance Class 3
Residential Security Door
RB Entrance Doors Catalog

One door, a variety of colours

Personalize your entrance door with your choice of color from the RB RAL Color Catalog
Light walnut
Personalize your entrance door with your choice of color from the RB RAL Color Catalog

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RB Smart Lock- LOCK AppTM
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